Lockdown: People at home are also Covid19 Survivor

Covid19 Survivor

Truly, you read it right. Individuals who are at home are protected as well as they are Covid19 survivors. In this Corona Virus pandemic, people attempted different things to keep engaged themself, and social media has an essential part of keeping people in touch. People communicated their anxieties and dejection with friends, families, and succeed however a few people unable to come over it. Covid19 demolished many professions or positions in society which insisted people to commit suicide.
Apart from various statements, one should develop self-confidence to overcome the sickness. Friends and family members help in boosting mental courage which is a great deal. I believe we have to figure out how to live with this infection. Building immunity is the key as of now, till a vaccine is available for the enormous number of population.

5 Precautions Needed to Stay Safe and Healthy in this Pandemic Covid19

  • Hand Wash
  • Sanitizer
  • Face Mask
  • Social Distancing
  • Stay at Home

Hand Wash –

Query Concepts-Hand Wash with SoapWashing hands isn’t just for cleaning hands with water yet to clean the germs appropriately with soap. At whatever point we meet someone or visit some place, wanted or unwanted we contact any surface which might be infected and Preview(opens in a new tab)can infect us as well. To stay safe and to be a covid19 survivor, we have to keep washing hands with soap each time when you will contact lift, trash, pet food, ATM machine, etc. which will kill germs and furthermore prevent spreading disease from one individual to the other.

Sanitizer –

Query Concept-SanatizerWashing hands with soap is a quick and easy way however we don’t know that we are bacteria-free or germs free especially in this novel Covid19 period. If soap and water are not available at any particular place or time to clean hands from germs, one has to utilize sanitizer yet we have to use at least 60% alcohol-based solution in this infection period. To kill the germs in a proper way one has to apply the alcohol-based sanitizer at the palm of the hands and rub at the surface and figures until hands get dry. Sanitizer is not only for hands but for the home, floor, vehicle, gate, products etc. whichever can infect us.

Face Mask –

Query Concepts-Face MaskWearing a face mask can prevent the spread of the Corona Virus and help us in being a covid19 survivor and even keep us safe with numerous other harmful diseases. Many public health organizations also proposed to carry surgical N95 cover as your day by day schedule especially for the doctors and government authorities who are continuously serving the individuals. One should not touch the mask from the front and always sanitize your hands and mask on a regular basis. People often wear face masks to protect themselves. If somebody isn’t in a condition to breathe appropriately, quickly talk with the specialist rather than continue changing the face mask or sanitizing hands as Covid19 is not a serious deal to overcome.

Social Distancing –

Query Concept-Social DistancingSocial distancing is a standout amongst other approaches to stop the spread of this Corona Virus. These infections might be possible when a person coughs, sneeze, or talks, and droplets from mouth or nose get in contact with the air and land or inhaled in by others. Having social distance with somebody you love is tough however one has to stay far from others to a specific range of 6 feet as people don’t realize that they are infected with the virus even if they have no symptoms before testing.

Stay at Home –

Covid19-Survivor-Stay-at-HomeAs this pandemic situation focused on personal health a priority, it is essential and an important practice to stay at home and work from home until something is much more important for livelihood. Safety and precautions are the biggest priority in such a crucial time to be a covid19 survivor. Even if you are not sick then too you should stay at home and keep your family safe and healthy. The more you visit outside, the more you have to endure with this novel corona virus. Consume healthy home-cooked food with multi-vitamins ingredients to keep your immunity high and stay at home, stay safe

Your immunity is the only vaccine as of now. One has to exercise every day to stay fit and healthy, likewise proceed every day by consuming pepper and turmeric in your eating routine. I would also recommend using an oximeter gadget at home, a gadget that estimates how much oxygen your blood is conveying. It will help everyone to keep a regular check of the body and health. I would also recommend face mask and follow to all the guidelines. Stay at home as much as possible except if it is extremely important to step out.

Stay positive, healthy and strong. We will all get through this.

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